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6 Tips to Prevent Your Packages from Getting Stolen

According to a report published by USA Today, over a third of all online shoppers have had a package stolen from their home.

If you are like most Americans, you do more and more shopping online.  What isn’t to love? You get to sit in the comfort of your own home. You don’t fight crowds. Best of all, no heavy packages to carry home.  The downside, your package may never get to you. According to a report published by USA Today, over a third of all online shoppers have had a package stolen from their home.  So what can you do to ensure that you don’t become another statistic? Here are a few recommendations that will ensure delivery and give you piece of mind that the birthday present you ordered will make its way to your front porch and stay there!

Tip #1 – Ship to another site

Having your packages shipped to a FedEx or UPS Store is a great way to ensure that you will get your purchases.  The bad news is you again have the inconvenience, just like with shopping, to go out and pick up the packages. You also have to pay an additional fee to UPS and/or FedEx to hold your packages for you (the price to ensure delivery).

Tip #2—Pay attention to tracking

Stay on top of when your items are shipping and when they are due to arrive.  If you can’t be home when they are to be delivered, ask your neighbors if they would be willing to take your packages into their home.  

Tip #3—Make sure your packages require a signature

This can cause some inconvenience because invariably the packages seem to be delivered right as you run out to do a quick errand.  But, it can also save you a huge hassle should your package not arrive as expected. It is especially important to require a signature on any items that are of considerable value.

Tip #4—Take advantage of lockers

Installing a package locker on your porch can give you the assurance you desire that your packages will be delivered and not stolen.  A package locker can be a very good idea if you receive a high volume of packages when you aren’t home. This is a fairly costly avenue, so you will have to balance the cost/return ratio.  

Tip #5—Take advantage of technology

There are a number of apps and technology that can help you safeguard your packages and your home.  Doorbell cameras in conjunction with a phone app and a two-way speaker app allow you to see when drivers place packages on your doorstep and verbally address anyone who comes near your home and your packages.  There are also garage door apps where you can raise and lower your garage door from a remote location. You can have the delivery person use the garage as drop off location, and then shut the door when tracking notifies you that it is delivered.  

Tip #6—Knowing is half the battle

Being aware that package pirates are out there, and that package thievery is common and on the rise, is half the battle.  Take heed of one or more of these tips and ensure the safe delivery of your online purchases.