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Simple Safety Tips – So SIMPLE You May Have Forgotten Them

Did you know that most burglaries occur during the week from 10:00-3:00?  Sadly, many of them are perpetrated by youth who are addicted to controlled substances.  They are looking for money and items that they can turn into fast cash to buy the drugs they need.  They look to enter ground floor windows or side doors. Make sure you are vigilant and lock those doors and keep the windows locked as well. Want extra assurances? Get Door Armor.

On a positive note, they shy away from homes with home security systems and with dogs. You can also help deter criminals by having motion center lights by your ground floor windows and doors.  Likewise, you should keep a light on when you are going to be gone for the evening to help discourage burglars.

Finally, the sad thing about being burglarized is that once your home has been victimized, it doesn’t hold up to the law of averages. In fact, it is even more likely that your home will be burglarized again. After all, the criminals know you have to replace all the items with new ones.  

Fire Safety

One of the first things you should do with your family is to do a fire safety refresher.  Remind your family how to check their doors for heat, and where they are to go to if there is a fire and a need to leave the home.  Likewise, check those smoke alarms to make sure they are working properly! If you have rooms on the second floor, do you have a safety ladder so that your loved one can escape?  Likewise, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher that is in working condition at home as well.

Keeping Kids Safe From Strangers

It’s difficult to think of everything that you want your children to know in order to keep them safe.  And in this day and age, when children have access to strangers more than ever, especially virtually, you have to be vigilant.  First, let’s talk about face to face dangers. Remind your children that it is okay to be polite and warm, but it isn’t okay to ever go with an adult whom they don’t know.  Practice role playing with them what a predator might say and different ways they might lure kids to a private area; for example, “Do you want to go see my new puppy?” or “Your mommy is hurt and she needs you to go with me.”  This isn’t just for young children. Your teens begin to feel a little overconfident in themselves and will think you are being overprotective, but you should practice with them as well. They think they have good instincts of who is dangerous and who is not, but the reality is that many predators seem like really nice folks.  Again role play some scenarios. Children who play games and chat online are very much potential victims of predators. Make sure you talk to your child about the dangers and the common lures predators use.

Alarm Activation

A change of passwords is a good habit to get into with your online accounts and changing the code on your alarm frequently is a good idea, too.  Making sure your family members can activate the alarm is important, and of course, giving the activation code to older children can be fine as well.  But remember, teens and young children are susceptible to the subtle ways criminals are able to get information from young people. Make sure that you only give out the deactivation code to those children who are mature and have a strong understanding of how important it is not to tell the code to anyone, including their friends.

Speaking of criminals…

Burglars will want your cash, jewelry and any other items of worth.  Purchasing a fireproof safe is a great way to keep those valuables safe, not to mention all your important deeds and information.

While there are a number of little things we can do to keep our family and home safe, sometimes we get carried away with taking care of the big items, like installing a home security system.  And on the flipside, we slack off on the simple solutions and small tips that can keep our family safe.