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Thwarting a Home Invasion – Protecting Your Family and Your Home

Before you take a much needed break in the hammock or bbq out on the patio, take a few brief moments to make sure that your home is safe.

During these restful and sweet days of summer a home invasion is the last thing on your mind. But, before you take a much needed break in the hammock or bbq out on the patio, take a few brief moments to make sure that your home is safe and your family protected.  

Light It Up 
The biggest deterrent of potential burglars is light. Criminals don’t like light because it makes them think someone is home which they often would like to avoid, and secondly, it could lead to their detection, identification, and arrest!  Make sure you have:

  • Lights on a timer inside

  • Motion lights that are working on the outside

  • Invest in some timers and or a mobile app that allows you to control your lights from the comfort of your bed or a vacation resort

Turn it up 
Sound is another good deterrent. Again, it gives the impression that someone is at home so putting your television or a radio on a timer is a great home invasion preventative.


Get those exterior doors fortified. Adding Door Armor to your doors will help make your home safer. Don’t forget the deadbolts!

Window Check
Summer is a great time for throwing up the windows and enjoying floral laden ventilation.  The bad news is they often don’t get re-locked. Create a routine where you check windows and locks before leaving your home. If you are replacing windows this summer, look for ones with double locks and consider window wedges (also called Swedges). They are handy because they allow you to open your windows to get in some of that sweet summer air, but don’t allow enough room for a person to climb inside.

Put away the tools
You are probably hard at work planting flowers and digging holes for new shrubs to make your home more beautiful.  Keep your home beautiful by making sure you put all your tools away in a locked garage or lawn shed. Leaving them out may give a thief the perfect home invasion access tool!

Skip the key stash

Having an extra key somewhere handy is always nice, but it also needs to be done right. Those fake rocks, the back of the mailbox and the gap under the mat are the first places a criminal will look. If you want the added security of having a key in an alternative location, take it to a neighbor or give one to a trusted friend!


Summer is the time for landscaping anyway, so make sure that, while you are doing it, trim your trees, shrubs, and bushes that block the view of your home’s windows. Don’t provide a home invader with the perfect hiding spot! And while you are at it, you might even consider some beautiful sharp, pokey succulents to add right below those windows (keeps criminals out and teens in).

Neighborhood watch

Make sure that your neighborhood watch group has a refresher meeting. New people move in and out in the summer, so get them involved in keeping your neighborhood safe.

Family meeting

The weakest link in your home’s security system and procedures are the humans. Failing to lock doors and windows makes your home an easy target. Sit and talk to your family about the importance of locking doors during the evening and especially during the day whether they are home or away! Your home security system is also only as good as its users. During the meeting do a refresher on the importance of setting the alarm. Review home security/alarm protocols - when to turn it on, how to deactivate it, what to do if they suspect someone is in the home.

Summer is to be enjoyed! Perform a few preventative measures to keep your home and family safer, so you can relax just a little more and enjoy some lemonade and bbq on the patio.