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Tips for home lighting

Improve your wellbeing and keep you and your family safe

Well, it’s here, whether it is a welcome event, or one met with dread, the short days of winter are upon us.  To make your home more welcoming during this dark season, not to mention making it safer and healthier, you need to add artificial illumination.  Here are some ideas for making your home shine in the darkness.

Motion Lights

Outdoor motion sensor and lights are a good idea year around.  If you have areas around your home that are especially dark and that may be attractive to potential burglars, consider adding motion sensors to those areas.  Likewise, if you already have them, don’t forget to do a little fall cleaning of the sensors to make sure they are in proper order.

The Front Door

Your front door is one of the most important areas to illuminate.  It is important that your visitors are able to access the front door safely.  It is equally important that you are able to see anyone who is knocking on your door, so that you don’t open the door to someone you don’t know assuming that they are safe.  Make sure that your porch light is bright enough to see the facial features of people visiting and that it illuminates a large enough area that there aren’t blind spots where a perpetrator could hide.

Pathway Illumination

Illuminate any pathways from outdoor buildings that you need to access in the winter.  A motion sensor is great for illuminating your walk from an unattached garage to the house, but also consider adding luminaries to the sides of the driveway and up any paths to doorways.  There are a number of options at all the big box stores that are solar powered for efficiency. Don’t skimp on these lights because you get what you pay for. They need to be of solid plastic or even metal and not have attachable pieces that will break off.  Think longevity and save money in the long run. Also consider adding illumination to any of your landscaping that might be safety hazard to people walking by your home.

Healthy Lighting In Your Home

Most falls happen inside a person’s home.  Making sure your home is properly lit on the inside is important to your healthy and safety.  In the winter there are many more opportunities for you to bump into doorways, trip on the stairs, and collide with furniture.  Make sure that all your motion-sensored night lights are in working condition (and if you don’t have any, get some)! Install them in your bathrooms, kitchen, living area and hallways. Including light switches on the tops and bottoms of your staircases is very important to your overall safety as well! 

While you are putting in the necessary lighting to keep you safe, why not consider lighting that is good for you on the inside because let’s face it, some weeks are can be pretty dreary when the sun takes a siesta and the days get so short.  To care for your inner health, it is important to consider some light therapy. Adding a lamp will help you to continue (or maybe achieve) a healthy sleeping cycle, lift your mood, improve your focus, and give you energy. That’s a lot of pros!