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What Protects Your Family when You're Not There?

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Fiends Only! Save 10% on 1 or 20% on 2 or More! For a Limited Time Only! The Door Armor Max Plus Combo Set is guaranteed to stop kick-ins ($500 Guarantee) and also stops prying.

$ 89.10

Police tested and recommended
More than 300,000 doors secured
$500 Lifetime Guarantee against kick-ins
Quick and easy to install in under 30 minutes
Nearly invisible once installed

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Buy With Confidence. If You Don't Love It, Just Return It

Police Tested & Recommended

Tested And Recommended By Police And Thousands Of Really Big Guys, Named Bubba....

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                                  YOU THINK ALARMS WILL PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND HOME?

                                  On average it takes 20+ minutes for police to come.

                                  For intruder it takes just 10s to kick your door... 4 minutes to steal your belongings.  Or just 1 minute to hurt your family....


                                  WHAT IS DOOR ARMOR?

                                  It's patented technology 6-piece kit that reinforces the weakest points of a door and door frame to stop kick-ins and
                                  prying attacks

                                  It works BEFORE intruders even enter and never needs to be armed or maintained. When your door is locked, it is

                                  Original price: $119  
                                  Today Only: $89

                                  GET MY DOOR ARMOR KIT NOW!

                                       30-Day Money Back Guarantee

                                  EASY TO INSTALL & NEARLY INVISIBLE

                                  It takes just 30-minutes to install. Even a regular person can easily do it.



                                  Tested by the police and proven to make even a regular doors  withstand a 2-man battering ramp attack.


                                  Original price: $119 
                                  Today Only: $89

                                  GET MY DOOR ARMOR KIT NOW!
                                       30-Day Money Back Guarantee

                                  15-YEARS IN BUSINESS AND 300,000+ DOORS SECURED

                                  Made in USA from highest quality steel to REALLY protect what one holds dear.

                                  HEAR REAL TESTIMONIALS

                                  ITS Tactical Testimonial 

                                  ITS Tactical founder Bryan Black became a big fan or Armor Concepts and Door Armor after testing our products for himself. We don't expect anyone to take our word that our products work. We prefer to let our customers test for themselves because they often become our biggest supporters. Watch this video, which gives a pretty good overview of how Door Armor works and what it does. Thanks Bryan!


                                  Alisha B.

                                    Verified Customer 

                                  Door Armor prevented us from being robbed a third time. It really works. I owe my daughter's safety to Door Armor.

                                  Brett B.

                                  Verified Customer 

                                  I installed one of these products on my front door. Its now rock solid and it was easy to install. Well worth the money and the piece of mind.

                                  Matthew R.

                                    Verified Customer 

                                  Being a Police Officer, I love this product, it’s always the front and back door that’s the entry point…I think it’s great and have it installed on my home. You need this to protect your family.

                                  Nick S.

                                     Verified Customer 

                                  This product is wonderful! I had a large crack in a door jam and the door was not secure as you could just push it open even when it was locked. This took about 10 minutes to install and the door is now secure. It saved me $400 to buy a new door.

                                  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

                                    Will This Fit My Door?
                                  If you have a single entry door, a simple rule of thumb is that if you can fit two quarters between your door frame and door, when the door is closed, you will have no problem. If you can't fit two quarters, give us a call.

                                    What If I Don't Like the Way it Looks?

                                   We're confident that you will like the way it looks but we have a 30-day no hassle return policy. So you can buy with confidence

                                    What Guarantees Do You Offer?

                                  ​  We stand behind our products, we $500 Lifetime Guarantee Against Kick-ins!At the same time we offer no questions asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! 

                                    What Are the Shipping Prices?

                                     We offer a free priority 2-7 day shipping for all US customers (lower 48 only)!


                                        STOPS KICK-INS AND PRYING ATTACKS.    

                                  We stand behind our product:

                                  ​$500 Lifetime Guarantee Against Kick-ins!
                                  30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

                                  Original price: $119
                                  Today Only: $89

                                  GET MY DOOR ARMOR KIT NOW!  
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