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Door Armor MINI Combo Set

The Door Armor MINI Combo Set comes with 1 Door Armor Jamb Shield, 2 Mini Door Shields (Hinge Shields are not included), and 17 3-1/2-inch self-tapping screws. The MINI Combo Set is backed by our Door Armor $300 Lifetime Warranty against kick-ins. We have secured more than 400,000 doors. Recommended for large portfolios of properties or apartments. Installation time: about 20 minutes. Save $5 each when you purchase 2 or more. ($89 = Cost if Components Were Purchased Separately)

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$500 LIFETIME Guarantee on Door Armor MAX Sets
 More than 300,000 Doors Secured!

$500 Lifetime Guarantee

Door Armor is Guaranteed to Stop Kick-ins.

Police Tested & Recommended

Tested and recommended by police 

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Gold Protection The Door Armor MINI Combo Set is the simple and effective way to protect your home or property in about 20 minutes. This front door security device kit comes complete with 1 Door Armor Jamb Shield and 2 Mini Door Shields. The MINI Combo Set is backed by a $300 Lifetime Warranty against kick-ins and is the product we recommend most for securing large portfolios of properties. Installation time: about 20 minutes.

Simple, Effective Security is Perfect for Large Portfolios

The Door Armor White MINI Combo Set (formerly EZ Armor Mini Combo) is the simple and effective way to protect your home or property in about 20 minutes. The security door frame parts kit protects the jamb and the lock area of the door, which are the first two weak points to break when a door is kicked and comes with extra screws to protect the hinges.

Failing to reinforce all weak points means your door can still be kicked in. Competitive products, reinforce one part of the door, leaving others to break.

While an alarm will alert you that an intruder is in your home, alarms do nothing to stop intruders. Alarms work AFTER intruders are inside. An alarm system is your last line of defense against home invasions, not the first.

The Door Armor Mini Combo Set comes with a Door Armor Jamb Shield, and 2 Mini Door Shields.

The Door Armor Jamb Shield attaches to the face of the door jamb and can be applied without removing the door or altering the trim. The Mini Door shields easily attach to the lock area of the door and do not require removal of the locks.

What Comes in a Door Armor MINI Combo Set?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a single entry door, a simple rule of thumb is that  if you can fit two quarters between your door frame and door, when the door is closed, you will have no problem. If you can't fit two quarters, give us a call.

What If I Have Double Doors Or Side Light Doors?

We have solutions for every kind of door. Just look under "Shop Now" and select your door type. Your discount works with everything on our site.

We're confident that you will like the way it looks but we have a 90-day no hassle return policy. So you can buy with confidence.

They will get in... We have been very close to the police since founding this company in 2004. Emergency responders have ways to get in. And the door will open with a key so landlords and others shouldn't be concerned. 

Real Testimonials

ITS Tactical founder Bryan Black became a big an or Armor Concepts and Door Armor after testing our products for himself. We don't expect anyone to take our word that our products work. We prefer to let our customers test for them selves because they often become our biggest supporters. Watch this video, which gives a pretty good overview of how Door Armor works and what it does. Thanks Bryan!


Easy Installation

This video was actually produced by a customer. He does a good job of explaining installation and unboxing of the product so we feel like this is the best, most honest representation of installing Door Armor.  Yes, we realize that he is installing this on a door with a window - we would recommend using a 2-way deadbolt, if this were your home...


Specifications for Door Armor MINI Combo Set

Color White or Aged Bronze or Satin Nickel