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your first line of defense!

It takes less than 10 seconds for an intruder to be in your home...
How do you protect your family?


Security Solution:  I have a Gun

Guns are a viable solution only when you are home
  • Can your Spouse shoot and be accurate in a high stress moment?
  • Can you or your family deal with an In-Home Shooting?
  • Do you eat, shower, and sleep with a gun. An invasion usually happens when you are not ready.
Door Armor buys you time - Every second counts! Every obstacle between you and an intruder helps prevent the possibility of changing your family's future!

                Security Solution:  I have a big Dog

                Dogs make great companions, but require a significant investment of time and money.

                Intruder with Gun vs. Trained Dog = Intruder Wins
                Intruder with a Steak vs Your Big Dog = Intruder Wins

                Dogs trained to attack can become a risk to guests that should be in your home

                Door Armor never sleeps and never works against the people it shouldn't.  We love dogs and most of our employees have them, but set realistic expectations for your furry friend.


                Security Solution:  I have an Alarm

                An Alarm's ONLY purpose is to alert you and law enforcement of a problem, but it does NOT prevent access.
                • Monitored alarm systems can cost between $10-60/mth (if it's not monitored half of this solution is gone.)
                • Nationally - Police response time is greater than 20 minutes

                Door Armor provides a lifetime of protection for a small one-time investment. Alarms just make noise! Door Armor actually prevents unauthorized access into your home.  

                Door Armor is THE standard for home invasion prevention.
                •   Stop Intruders  BEFORE  they enter
                •    Police Tested & Recommended
                •    $500 Lifetime Guarantee
                •   Install in less than 30 minutes

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                Completely Secure your Door!

                Get FREE Pry Shield if you order before May 31st

                " If you don't have this on your doors, you might as well

                just leave them unlocked"  - Dallas Police Officer

                  400,000+ Doors Secured Since 2004 

                News Channel 3 WREG Memphis
                "Amazing, Door Armor  doesn't claim to stop that kind of forceful impact but it sure did...Now that's impressive!"

                CHANNEL 3 NEWS Memphis, TN

                6 News WOWT Omaha

                ...Even a sledgehammer could not break through" ~ Erin Murray

                WOWT 6 NBC News Omaha, NE

                News Channel 4 NBC Nashville

                "Officers say there is a way to help keep them from kicking in the door in. The solid steel crime fighting tool."

                CHANNEL 4 NBC News Nashville, TN

                News Channel 5 WTVF-TV

                "...the Burglar came back...tried to kick the back door in again...the frame held up & the suspect kicked and kicked..."

                WTVF-TV CHANNEL 5 News Nashville, TN


                the world has changed...

                Unemployment, riots, looting and violence..  what do you trust to protect your home and family?

                More Than 85% Of Break-Ins Are Through A Door.

                It takes less than 10 seconds to kick in a door.  Police response to a home alarm is more than 20 minutes and is increasing as the burden on police increases with the increasing unrest.

                Once They Are In.  It's too late!

                Guns, knives and grenades (yes people have grenades) can be effective but only if they are in your hands if someone breaks in.  If someone is inside in 10 seconds, could you reach your gun?  If you're not home can your family defend themselves? Keeping intruders out is the only way to guarantee your safety.

                Patented kit reinforces the key points on your door
                Door armor comes as a patented  kit that reinforces the door frame, hinges and the lock area on the door. Once installed, it never needs to be armed.  Once you lock your door, it works.  When you unlock your door, its "off".  Yes, it's really that simple.

                Easy To Install And Almost Invisible
                Door Armor comes complete with our custom, hardened, self-tapping steel screws and a special torx drill bit.  The kit that can be easily installed, in about 30 minutes, using only a cordless drill.  The pieces come in colors that match your door hardware so it's barely visible once installed.

                Available for all doors

                Door Armor is available for single doors, double doors and doors with side lights.  We have versions for interior doors and doors with little clearance between the door and door frame.  Simply put, IT WILL WORK ON YOUR DOOR!                           


                Jamb Reinforcement


                The door jamb  (door frame)  is always the first thing to break when a door is kicked.  The 46" long steel Jamb Shield reinforces the door jamb area to prevent the jamb from breaking. It is attached using 7 3-1/2 inch screws (included).   
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                Door Reinforcement


                If you reinforce the jamb, without reinforcing the door, the door will split in half.  Our Mini Door Shields reinforce the edge of the door to prevent this from happening.
                They are attached using 2 2-1/2 inch screws (included). 
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                Hinge Reinforcement


                If you reinforce the lock side of the door, it's just as easy for an intruder to kick-in the hinges.  Our Hinge Shields install over your existing hinges (You do not ever remove the door). They reinforce your hinges and are attached using 4 3-1/2 inch screws (included).
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                Pry Protection


                Once your door is secure from kick-ins, smart intruders will try to pry it open.  Our Pry Shield prevents crow bar attacks.  It is attached with tamper resistant screws
                (screws and bit included).  
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                Available in 3 Colors

                Choose one of 3 colors,  which will match your door or hardware (If it doesn't match , Simply paint it!)


                  400.000+ Doors Secured 

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                Why do Police Recommend Door Armor?


                16 years of Real Customer Testimonials



                "Being a Police Officer, I love this product, it’s always the front and back door that’s the entry point…I think it’s great and have it installed on my home. You need this to protect your family."
                Matt Testimonial
                "Door Armor stopped me from getting robbed and SAVED my life."
                Teresa Testimonial
                "I own rental properties in Memphis. I can't tell you how much I have spent repairing kick-ins. I put Door Armor on my doors earlier this year and have not had a single problem since. Your product has stopped me from getting robbed and saved me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Thank you!"
                James Testimonial
                "Door Armor prevented us from being robbed a third time. It really works. I owe my daughter's safety to Door Armor."
                Heather Testimonial

                  400.000+ Doors Secured 

                Door Armor Advantage


                Up to 36 month contract required. Payment from $35 - $60 per month .

                Reliant on electricity via hardwiring.

                Requires an Active landline phone or wifi connection.

                Prevents intruders from kicking or prying open your doors.

                Requires homeowner to deal with intruders in the home until police arrive.

                Confirmation of intrusion required before police can be dispatched.

                DOOR ARMOR 

                  No Contracts

                  Always On. No Electricity, Batteries Or Keypads Required. 

                  No Phone, power Or Wifi Connection required 

                   Stops Intruders BEFORE they Enter                                           
                  $500 Lifetime Guarantee.

                DIY VIDEO & ALARM KITS

                No contract required.

                Reliant on power via hardwiring or batteries.

                Requires an active landline phone or wifi connection.

                Prevents intruders from kicking or prying open your doors.

                Requires homeowner to deal with intruders in the home until police arrive.

                Initial Investment; Ongoing maintenance.

                Frequently Asked Questions

                #1 Will it fit my door?

                Door armor will fit about 90% of all single entry doors. 

                If You Have A Single Entry Door And You Can Fit Two Quarters Between Your Door Frame And Door When The Door Is Closed, You Will Have No Problem.

                If You Can't Fit Two Quarters (or if you aren't sure), You Should Order The Door Armor PRO Combo Set.  This Set Was Designed Specifically For Doors With Low Clearance.

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                More Than 85% Of All Break-Ins Are Through A Door.  There Are Simple Methods That Will Help Prevent A Thief From Coming In Through A Window, Such As "Pinning" The Window.  If You Don't Protect Your Doors First, You Might As Well Just Leave Them Unlocked.

                We're Confident That You Will Like The Way It Looks, But We Have A 60-Day No Hassle Return Policy. So You Can Buy With Confidence.

                They Will Get In... We Have Been Very Close To The Police Since Founding This Company In 2004. Emergency Responders Have Ways To Get In. The Door Will Open With A Key So Landlords And Others Shouldn't Be Concerned.

                Quick & easy to install in under 30 minutes with a drill. Each kit comes with all the information you need to begin protecting yourself and your home right away.

                Don't Worry We Have Something For Every Door Type. Door Armor Has Unique Solutions For Just About Every Kind Of Door. Exterior Doors, Interior Doors, Side-Light Doors, Double Doors, Mobile Home Doors And Just About Anything Else You Can Think Of. Don't See What You Need Here? Visit Our Shop Overview Where You Can View Our Full Collection Of Door Armor Products. Still Have Don't See What You Need? Reach Out To Us Monday Through Friday 8 AM To 5 PM CST. Call: 1-888-582-2295 Or Email: [email protected]

                we are always happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have before and after purchasing. Reach out to us by phone or email Monday through friday 8 AM to 5 pM CST.

                Call: 1-888-582-2295 or Email: [email protected]

                  400.000+ Doors Secured 

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