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Is your gun REALLY going to protect your family?

A firearm is ONLY part of a home security solution!

If an intruder is in your home, you have ALREADY LOST

Top Reasons that firearms fail to protect you and your family!

You don't reach your gun in time!

  • You only have 10 seconds before and intruder can enter your home and reach your bedroom! 

  • NO ONE showers with their gun

  • Most people don't holster their gun during family dinner

  • Even if you sleep with your firearm under the pillow, by the time you wake up and process your door has been kicked in it is already too late!

Your NOT home!

  • Seems pretty simple, but if your not there you can't draw your gun.

  • The most important thing your protect is you and your family but your property is at risk every time you leave the house.

  • 47% of intrusions happen while you are away!

You Panic

  • We all spend time at the range, but nothing prepares you for that moment when your alarm sounds at 3am and you realize it's not a false alarm!

  • Paper targets are a lot different than pulling the trigger on another human!

Real Protection is Simple


Door Armor works because it keeps criminals out!

With almost HALF A MILLION doors protected in the United States, Door Armor has saved thousands of lives!  It buys you time while you call the police or retrieve your gun.

Don't be fooled with False Security!

Alarms  ONLY make noise!

Video  ONLY documents who entered your property!

Guns  ONLY work if you have time to get them.

Guns  ONLY work if you are home.


Easy to install kits - that reinforce your door!

There are 3 places where your door will fail without Door Armor!  Reinforce all 3 and protect your family from an invasion. 

Door Armor fits 95% of residential entry doors with wooden jambs.
Door Armor installs in 30 minutes or less with just a cordless drill.
Door Armor works even if you don't have power in the home.

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